Grow Do-Gooders

Some  in Congress want to know if “Doing-Good Organizations” would value having AWSC National Service volunteers serving in their organizations full-time for a year or two.

Understaffed PLI & PLEF will continue reaching out to “do-good organizations ” to ascertain their position on having AWSC National Service volunteers grow their ability to deliver. Your help in making such contacts and obtaining replies from local and national organizations would be very helpful.

Some bigger organizations that might be considered for contact regarding the use of AWSC National Service volunteers might include: Goodwill Industries International , Catholic Relief Services , Salvation Army , Feeding America , Boys and Girls Club, St. Jude’s Children Hospital, Boy Scouts,Save the Children,US Fund for UNICEF, International Rescue Committee,.. see more possibilities at 2015 NPT Top 100.

You would best know do-good organizations that may need full time volunteers in your community.  Thanks for any help you can contribute.

Here are some support letters from do-good orgs seeking national service volunteers to increase their effectiveness.

Habitat for Humanity, Joe Mulvey

Canal Alliance, Tom Wilson San Rafael, California.

If you like to help expand this group with some phone calling and contacting, let me know.



"Take the initiative."