Intern sought

People’s Lobby would like to increase its outreach as part of its rebuilding program.

We will try doing that by testing the skills of some interns.  Initially, we will follow IRS guidelines that reduce form filing if interns are paid less than $600. per tax year.

Consequently, for 60-75 hours of work in a calendar year, an intern will be paid $600.


Under the general direction of People’s Lobby (PLI) intern will:

  • Expand outreach on PLI’s causes through social media to all age groups.
  • Record hours and dates of work on Excel spreadsheet, noting work done.
  • Note noticeable impact from work, perhaps on same spread sheet.
  • If intern has additional skills other work can be undertaken.
  • With special skills and interests, special assignments can be undertaken.

Qualifications and Requirements:

If interested contact through or phone 415-383-7880.

If you know someone who would like to fund an Intern Chair, please let us know.

"Take the initiative."