Why not build armies that develope peacefully ?


Around 1987, thanks to People’s Lobby, I started pushing to establish an American Soviet Peace Corps, sometimes called the United States-Soviet Peace Corps, American Soviet Peace Corps, Soviet American Peace Corps, or today a proposed US-Russian Peace Corps .

Initially, this was pushed via applying for a Marin County Buck Trust competitive grant whose criteria was to do good for the world. A YouTube explaining some of this history available by clicking here.

Some posts from back then linked to this page  still have resonance today, and mesh with the drive to build an AWSC of a million Americans doing voluntary, full time national service each year for a generation before sun-setting is considered.

Why not resurrect the American Soviet Peace Corps (ASPC) or US-Russian Peace Corps as part of the AWSC?  Or as a stand alone?  Or as a stand alone in preparation for an AWSC National Service bill.

Why not? Do heavenly good together on earth too...
Why not? Do heavenly good together on earth too…

If you are concerned about building a robust, healthy, peaceful, cost saving  AWSC National Service program and want to start smaller — why not move on re-introducing Boxer’s HR 1807 US-USSR Peace Corps?

America’s World Service Corps National Service (AWSCNS) Program should inspire other nations to form their own World Service Corps, akin to what People’s Lobby accomplished by influencing  visionary Congresswoman Boxer to introduce HR 1807, a joint US-USSR Peace Corps.

PLI asked Senator Boxer to reintroduce an updated HR 1807 in 2016, but it was too close to her retirement .  Legislation forming the  AWSCNS  and a joint U.S.-Russian Peace Corps could initiate a world-wide national service/jobs program that involves citizens in solving problems at their core, while simultaneously building stronger and healthier personal and international relationships.

Why not let American characters working peacefully on the ground, rather than bombs from afar, determine who the  world thinks we are.

Read some of the thoughtful , visionary letters leading to the introduction of HR 1807 of 1989.

  1.  “Waging Peace” Boxer letter of November 15, 1984 .
  2.   William Randolph Hearst Jr. letter of September 10, 1986.
  3.  Former Peace Corps Director Joe Blatchford letter of April 14, 1987.
  4. Senator Ted Kennedy letter of April 28,1987.
  5.  Former Peace Corps Director Joe Blatchford letter of July 24, 1987.
  6.  Christian College Coalition letter of August 6, 1987.
  7. “Introduce the enabling legislation ” Boxer letter of May 25, 19 88.
  8.  Beyond War interest, Boxer forward letters of  May 25, 1988.
  9.  Responding & thanking Boxer letter of June 14, 1988 and page 2.
  10. “Reviewed by a legislative counsel ” Boxer letter of September 1, 1988 .
  11.   Soviet Peace Committee letter of  May 31, 1989.
  12.  Peace Corps Director Coverdell letter of November 14, 1989.
  13. Beyond Borders Story Jam on how joint Peace Corps proposal started.

Would we be having today’s Russia problems had we built the ASPC under Congresswoman’s Boxer’s proposed HR 1807 of 1989?

Who in todays Congress has the vision that Congresswoman Boxer had?

Ask your Congressional reps to follow Boxer’s leadership and legislate with far-sighted vision.


With the just completed (July 2015) Iran Nuclear Accord,  wouldn’t it be interesting to propose they and their young population join with us in fielding an American-Iranian Peace Corps

Isn’t it cheaper in the long run to build these sandal wearing armies than gear up those that wear Star Wars goggles?

Why not push the service-diplomatic-development envelope rather than the saber rattling and warfare envelope?

Is it so far fetched to envision an American-Soviet Peace Corps rebuilding Palestine?  An American-Iranian Peace Corps rebuilding Syria?

Isn’t that the care and hospitality Jesus and Mohamed called for from their disciples?  Shouldn’t we be preaching, pushing, and building such teams during our limited earth time?

Russians and Americns explore space toogether, why not mimick that peaceful exploration on earth?

Please push Congress to support the AWSC and ASPC… or US-Russian Peace Corps and help spread the word.

(Slowly rebuilding web site, thanks for patience.)

For NORCAL Peace Corps story jams touching on some of the history behind this  needed US-Russian Peace  Corps  and why we need AWSC National Service Proposal, click some links below.

Boxer Tames Growling Bear and Biting Eagle.

For essay facsimile, click here.

The Nurse,  “Love at first sight.” 

For essay facsimile, click here.

Fr. Nelson’s boys.  “Breaking Bread.” 

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Too idealistic.  “Don’t Tell Mom”. 

For essay facsimile, click here.

Some relevant history in these links:


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