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Yes, AWSC Can.

Xmas 2018 & Happy 2019

Building the lore of GB, ND, and H4H?

Videoing the <2% solution to a lot of world problems, via the mega rich using a penny to open those pearly gates….

My Bombay babe

Five big ideas that may contribute to lasting peace, 

Democratic World Federalist luncheon 9-28-18

Plastics and you and fish and …

PC False Gods… Thanks Mumbai

007’s Aston Corvair Wheels Super-Rich Thru Eye of the Needle?

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Hire Godfather’s ‘consigliere’ for the kids, or …?

Path to mental health.

What the hell is a “public citizen”? Only tin & nuts needed to assemble?


Jousting bloodlessly in King Arthur’s Camelot, Sun Tzu’s Middle Kingdom, and JFK ‘s New Frontier?

Marin Voice: Creating an American force for peace and understanding

Pope: Thou shalt do less MSG, more MDG, and fat cats will happily pay

Ft. Lauderdale’s studious spring-breakers now inconveniently handcuffed to …? 

Holy smoking tweets! Lincoln vibing Trump and Putin to send Joint Special Forces!

Thank You for Your $3 Trillion “Service”


Spreading JFK’s Foreign & Domestic Affairs 

Joint Peace Corps

Goodwill hunting

Angry Mother Nature

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