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Developers need a dew strategy  3-25-07

Is Gabriel allowed to be … pissed?  1-18-2000  Oh, God, have mercy on our failures, IJ

$2 billion in oil revenues spending in Marin for what? 4-11-99  Marin IJ April 11, 1999. …but, from where I sit, they’re part of the problem

Joe Sixpack crushes thin tin and rambles…

  1. Joe ambles into his Sacramento Office of Long Term Paining (OLTP) as Lackey-of-the-people? 


    5.  10-31-90
    6. 7-23-91

Jennifer Comfy railed on Biker Dirk Maloney... 7-14-98 , Unedited version published in Marin Independent Journal ,Marin Voice, With no train can we really clean the air?

Really? Marin has a Northwest Pacific Rail right-of-way? 5-15-96,Marin IJ Wednesday May 15, 1996 Traffic in Marin: Where do we go now? All aboard!  The future won’t wait

Regional needs?  Not outta my backyard ya won’t! 2-15-95, Published Marin IJ February 15, 1995, Marin Voice, Marin, why not think ‘regional’?

Was that a bird’s eye view or just your view?

Joe’s drinking with yuppies again... July 17-23, 1991, San Rafael Newspointer, published July 17-23, 1991 (unedited version), The return of Joe SixPack, or false perceptions, laudable goals

How many governments really reinvent themselves?

Just seems like common sense to me. How smart you gotta be?

Collected wisdoms on making Marin housing expensive... 

Collected wisdoms on why Marin housing is so expensive: from Marin IJ.

Can St. Vincent’s opportunity overcome NIMBYitis?  St Vincent’s is a rare opportunity, JOE WALSH

Saluting teacher sadly waves goodbye... and bemoans housing. Marin Independent Journal, Marin Voice June 20, 2001,A teacher’s salute to his mentors, Thomas A. Thompson

“Elitist” preservation proposal, says struggling professional 24 year old, Marin Independent Journal June 29, 2001, Marin Voice, Preservation proposal is elitist, PATRIK SMIDA

Golden girls may not like this portrayal of their ‘golden opportunity’, Marin Voice, Marin IJ July 22, 2001, A ’golden opportunity’ for whom?, DWAYNE HUNN

IJ hits sneaky baylands curve ball on the noose….

Everyone (especially real environmentalists) loves transit? Right?

Power lies with a)Government  b)Developers c)NIMBYs d)Perception?

“So what are pedestrian pockets?”

Which comes first PPs or rail, chicken or egg?

“PPs reduce pollution & avoid wetlands so Marin environmentalists support them, right?”

Has Bay Area Council agenda changed much over the decades?  What’s their view of PPs?

“In the late 80’s you could own at NEH’s Skylark with an income under $20,000?”

How were you able to make 19/37 ownership units affordable to those earning $20,000 a year?

Joe Sixpack and Mazlo Roth are both working on affordable housing?

Have issues addressing San Rafael’s General Plan update changed much since 1987?

Have East San Rafael’s needs changed much over the years?

“Downzoning can punish a community? You must be goofy and certainly not from Marin.”

“How can you ever call Hamilton’s Berg, Revoir and Howard developers good guys?” 

Hamilton could’ve reduced traffic congestion?  You goofy again?”

“Nothing, nada, zilch could have been good about more affordable units and a train at Hamilton!” said Gilbert Upright.

Hamilton housing and traffic analysis letters from Marin County, North Bay TMA and Novato Ecumenical Housing.

Does how political leaders respond to local political pressure really affect our quality of life?

The 101 Corridor Committee sees the logic of intertwining trains and villages.

A copy of Minnesota’s Regional Tax Sharing plan could offer fiscal, land use and environmental benefits.

Hamilton’s Redevelopment Agency Funds could have financed 657 units of low income rental & ownership housing & train seeding.

Building a better Marin with trains and pedestrian pocket villages, two guys tried it at Hamilton, Building a better Marin

“NIMBYs cause FCFC and the the skyrocketing prices of Marin homes?”

Like babies in womb, kickers and screamers, status quo defenders cost us time, money and vision.

How long have you been seeking a Marin Housing Development TrustFund?

How could suing the City to deliver housing to the elderly make Posada del Sol a ghetto?


Oh, God…”

But from where I sit

With no train

All aboard…

Think Regional?

I see San Rafael in..

Return of Joe Sixpack

Apathy never fixes..

Smart planning needed

Why Marin’s expensive

St. Vincent’s is rare op.

Teacher’s salute to..     

Preservation proposal

Golden opportunity for whom

Federal bay refuge simply is too much

Everyone loves transit?

Marin economic power

Pedestrian Pockets

Pedestrian Pockets II

Neighborhoods at St. Vincent’s Silveira?

Angelo Siracusa, former BA Council boss 

New project offers affordability

Innovations at Skylark

Lackey of the people

10 questions for San Rafael

Downzoning can punish

EastSanRafael’s Needs









Rail/highway best




HowAffordableHousing Goes.. Unaffordable


Agency wants ranch for housing not…

Address our housing needs

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