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Let’s start with the unorthodox method or NON-TRADITIONAL Funding  mechanism (NTFM )  to fund all or some of the voluntary AWSC National Service Program.

To see the Non-Traditional Funding Mechanism (NTFM )  explained in PowerPoint click:

With passage of the AWSC National Service program, at least 5 publicly viewed spread sheets, with an added column  listing amounts dedicated to only funding (escrowed to) the AWSC National Service Program, would be created.

  1.  Forbes 400 Richest -(Spreadsheet donors open to all of the world’s billionaires. As of 2018 , America is estimated to have 600 billionaires ).
  2.  Forbes  Top Paid Jocks
  3. Forbes Top  Paid Celebs
  4. Forbes Top Paid CEOs
  5. Corporations who have paid little or no taxes
  6.  …

What amount or percentage of money from these well endowed sources dedicated to an escrowed AWSC National Service account would it take to launch this peaceful, productive army that would gain the admiration of the world, quell terrorist recruitment, battle climate weirding, assist refugees, raise our educational standards, increase our public policy IQ,  and increase good done at home  and abroad?

If one relied only on voluntary contributions  from the Forbes 400 (and ignored the other 5+ listed above) what amount would those Forbes 400 billionaires annually invest to field 21 million Americans building stronger economies at home and abroad?

Somewhere around 1-2% of just the Forbes 400’s accumulated wealth would fund  this peace and security building investment.

Isn’t it time to “involve” mega-rich public citizens in building an “involved generation of doers”?

Some op-eds regarding the non-traditional funding mechanism to fund fielding 21 million, click here.

The Richest 2,043 Forbes Billionaires in 2017...

Click or right-click above hot link to learn more.

  • 2,043 billionaires (up from 1,810 in 2016) made the list, with an average net worth of $3.75 billion.
  • The change in the total number of billionaires – up 233 since last year – was the biggest increase in 31 years.
  • The total combined net worth of this year’s billionaires was $7.67 trillion, up from $6.48 trillion last year.
  • 1,371 members were self-made billionaires. 238 inherited their wealth; another 434 inherited at least a portion but are still growing it.

Background: The Richest People In America 2014

It was another record year for American wealth: The aggregate net worth of the richest 400 Americans was $2.29 trillion, up $270 billion from a year ago. It took a minimum net worth of $1.55 billion to make The Forbes 400 in 2014, $250 million more than in 2013.
If just the Forbes 400 Richest annually voluntarily donated 1.15% of their annual wealth to an AWSC escrowed account that would be spent only on AWSC National Service, no taxing mechanisms would be needed to fund 21 million AWSC volunteers serving over 27 years.

This 1.15% solution is based on a per AWSC National Service volunteer INVESTMENT of $34,600.

If the American World Service Corps National Service (AWSCNS) Proposal added $20,000+ to cover stipend costs, a little larger donation of 2.5% would be needed.
Accumulated 2015 This % for each year For 27 Just Forbes 400
Wealth of Forbes 400 If wealthiest Covers AWSC years escrowed donations
Richest Americans donated costs of of AWSC funds AWSC for
$2,340,000,000,000 1.00% $23,400,000,000 27 $631,800,000,000
Pays all AWSC  1.15% $26,910,000,000   $726,570,000,000 Covers AWSC investment
If donate this, AWSC totally paid 1.70% $39,780,000,000 $1,074,060,000,000
2% $46,800,000,000 $1,263,600,000,000
Plus $20k stipend 2.5% $58,500,000,000   $1,579,500,000,000 Adds $20+k stipend per vol.
3% $70,200,000,000 $1,895,400,000,000
4% $93,600,000,000 $2,527,200,000,000

Another way to visualize how this NON-TRADITIONAL AWSC FUNDING mechanism works folows.  Assumptions:

  1. Due to increased dangers, thanks to the growth of terrorism and hatred of Americans, the PEACE CORPS at $51,000 per vounteer would be the most expensive per volunteer program under the AWSC umbrella.
  2.  Two years of community college tuition + two years of state college tuition would be covered by the two year completion bonus of $23,000.
  3. People’s Lobby’s AWSCNS proposal calls for some sharing of cost (such as housing, training, etc.) by those receving AWSC volunteers.  However,  in the following spreadsheet we assume all costs to see what it would take to fund national service NON-TRADITIONALLY… and potentially have funds left over.
  4. The investent in AWSC National Volunteers below includes $51,000 per volunteer + $23,000 for bonus completion for education, home downpayment, etc.  Comsequently, cost per volunteer is $74,000 in the following chart.

Here’s how the NON-TRADITIONAL funding mechanism  covers this inflated cost (on behalf of the devil’s advocate) for all 21 million volunteers serving over a  27 year period.

This  2.45% solution is based on a per AWSC National Service volunteer investment of  $74,000 per year.

Accumulated 2015 Wealth of Forbes 400 Richest Americans Annually if wealthiest donated This % for each year covers AWSC National Service investment of For 27 years of AWSC Just Forbes 400 escrowed donations funds AWSC over 27 years for
$2,340,000,000,000 2.45% $57,330,000,000 27 $1,547,910,000,000


1997 Ted Turner donated a billion dollars to United Nation causes, saying,

“There are so many rich guys in the world, billionaires. The world is awash in money and nobody knows what to do with it. We don’t want the money they know what to do with, just the money they don’t know what to do with.”

Ten years later, by 2007, Gates and Buffett trumped that donation about 30 times over.  By 2016 over 140 of the world’s richest have pledged under the Gates  Buffet Giving Pledge to give away significant portions of their wealth.

Nader’s book “Only the Super-rich Can Save Us” …

Senators Sanders, Warren, and others…

Social and other media …

has pushed some to think and act  upon income and wealth disparities.

This AWSCNS proposal provides the program that allows the super-rich and the working class to  earn, learn, and shrink disparities, while dramatically reducing the causes of future wars.

Forbes 400  2015  List:

US  Billionaires: 


Why not use a public AWSC spreadsheet to see if the Forbes 400 would invest 1.15% – 2.5% of their wealth now and make the world a safer place?  Let’s see what billionaires would voluntarily give to an AWSC National Service Escrowed Account to make the world safer for their and others’ children and grandchildren.

To lower the Forbes 400 percentage of wealth donated to the escrowed AWSC account, let us add publically  viewd Forbes spreadsheets for the top paid Celebs, Jocks, CEOs,  as well as for non-tax paying corporations.

Who gave what philanthropically  in 2004:

Charity and the Forbes 400

The Philanthropy Of The Forbes 400: The Generosity Of The Self-Made


Click Why We Need AWSC Umbrella .pdf to learn how to smartly and conscientiously we  could fund 21 million peaceful American national service volunteers with little or no tax costs.


To read one of a series on Non-Traditional Funding Mechanisms (NTFM) that could make the AWSC National Service program work at little or no taxpayer cost, click Popeye and Olive make… and/or click

Will Forbes 400 Escrow?

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NTFM  (Non-Traditional Funding Mechanism )

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