Angry earth climate change. Man-made climate change angers earth.
Angrier tomorrow.
Building verdant future?
AWS Corps fighting disasters
Uncle Sam American World Service Corps National Service
Why waiting? Time for AWSC National Service
Grim Reaper of War seldom betters the world.
Uncle Sam American World Service Corps other nations' service corps.
Serving builds... erases bloodshed & terrorism.
JFK's one million Peace Corps & VISTA visions
Reduces sacrificing our troops
Bring Peace Corps & service knowledge home to raise our public policy IQ.
Climate weirding desertification.
Addresses climate weirding desertification.
Isn't it time to go BIG?

Slowly rebuilding 3 web sites into a People’s Lobby portal. Be patient, or help.  

This  People’s Lobby Inc (PLI) web portal was inspired by the work of  Edwin and Joyce Koupal, founders of People’sLobby, pictured here in a Los Angels Times Editorial.

ISBN No. 0-9717239-9-0

It serves as a Portal to projects undertaken due to that PLI influence and serves as the site for PLI’s history, work, projects,as well as some of Dwayne Hunn’s work, etc.

This beta web site is under (re) construction.  We  are trying to make this the portal for files that were once at (worldservicecorps.us, peopleslobby.us, canalway.com, dwaynehunn.biz, and new.dwaynehunn.biz).  Search some of the links and you may find what you wanted.  Thanks for your patience.  Sorry for inconvenience.

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"Take the initiative."