Isn’t it time to deploy and employ for at least one generation a peaceful, productive, cost effective American army that will pay a million Americans a year to address spiraling national and international problems?

The American World Service Corps (AWSC) Congressional Proposal does not create a new, big program.

 The AWSC enlarges such existing and effective platoons such as Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Habitat for Humanity, Doctors Sans Borders, Head Start, Teacher Corps, Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, OxFam, Mercy Corps,  Mercy Ships, Save the Children, State Conservation Corps, schools, prison education programs,  homeless centers, drlocal do-good non-profits, etc. whose peaceful troopers will learn, do good, and inspire other nations to create their own can-do teams to do the same.         

Isn’t it time to  put a robust army on peaceful battlefields that wins hearts and minds by doing good and improving lives at home and abroad?    

Isn’t it time to put more full time volunteers in needy classrooms, Head Start schools, physical therapy wards, homes for the aged?

Isn’t it time to put more volunteers into the fields knocking poor housing down and replacing them with healthy housing for families?

Rather than so often knocking them down with missiles and leaving terrorists to pick up recruits from the remains?

Isn’t it time to inspire other nations  to field their own peaceful,development oriented world service corps?

Isn’t it time for an “involved generation”?

Isn’t it time to heed the warnings of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces during World War II and President of the U.S. about the dangers of our increasing reliance on the military industrial estate?

Raining volunteers who grow good stuff.
Raining volunteers who grow good stuff.


Would the world be better off if for the last three generations the US had a robust AWSCNS program that had sent 50x’s as many Peace Corps and do-good organizations to this part of the world?

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