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2003 Shock and Awe begins displaced tens of thousands of Iraqis, crazed terrorists emerge as global threat, Sudan refugees mushroom, Asian tsunami 2004…Pakistan’s earthquake, Katrina hurricane, floods 2005…Los Angeles’ fires, San Francisco oil spill, Bangladesh’s cyclone 2007…Myanmar cyclone, Midwest, China floods 2008…  Haiti, Chile earthquakes, Pakistan, China, India… Floods, Russian fires 2010…Japan Tsunami, nuking, Arab uprising, losing USA’s Middle Class, Occupy, jobs, droughts, floods, riots 2011…Tornados swarms 2012…Sandy…2013 …  Egypt, Syria, ISIS, Arctic glaciers disappearing, tides rising, droughts spreading, 8 US weather & climate disasters exceeding $1 billion each 2014… Ebola, ISIS, Syria & Yemen wars, refugees, Nepal earthquake, desperate boat people…2015 heat waves, wildfires, floods…  2016 Hottest year, more Artic melting, fires, refugees… 2017 South  Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria — conflicts, famines, shortage of international resources… Largest California wildfire in history… 2018-2019 US 50,000+ wildfires…2019-2020 Locusts swarm  East Africa…2020 Coronavirus worldwide


Missions, less missiles. 

Building, less bombing. 

Serving, less swaggering.

The America’s World Service Corps (AWSCNS) National Service Proposal that addresses Needs is here.


America’s World Service Corps National Service program would be built through a Congressional Proposal that proposes fielding 21 million Americans into peaceful, productive, voluntary national service over the ensuing 27 years through adding full-time volunteers to already existing do-good organizations,  such as Peace Corps, AmericCorps, Habitat, HeadStart, Doctors Without Borders, OxFam,Heifer, International Rescue Committee, TechnoServe, local non-profits, schools, homes for the aged,   etc. 

How much worse must conditions become before those debilitating conditions are met with the right and robust development army?

A summary of the AWSCNS is here.                                  

Why don’t we build a peaceful army of 1 million that employs and deploys American to cost effectively build a saner, smarter world?  Why not let a Fair Tax Bracket Reinstitution Act help fund it, along with the Forbes less than 2% solution?

Here is a PowerPoint explanation of how PLI’s unorthodox funding mechanism could field 21 million American NationalService volunteers for 27 years with no coast to taxpayers.


 Want to reduce terrorism, poverty, ignorance, genocide, refugees?  Better handle tsunamis, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes?

Raise our and the nation’s public policy making IQ?

This, America’s citizen-initiated American World Service Corps National Service Congressional Proposal, does that and more.

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