Americans are conditioned… Conditioned to go to a movie for $2.50 a week. Yet they won’t give $100 a year to clean up politics.”      

Ed Koupal, Co-Founder of People’s Lobby Inc.

Can you donate to help underwrite PLI’s week+ trip in late September 2016 to knock on Congressional doors pushing for the AWSCNS proposal and reviving HR 1807, PLI’s Joint US-USSR Peace Corps Proposal?

Any amount helps our meager budget.

Donate $100.00 or more and we’ll send you an autographed copy of the “Phun” book: Every Town Needs a Castle,  Especially When Built of Recycled Junk and Spunk. The hilariously built Rubelian Castle was placed on the National Register, up there with Mount Rushmore and Hearst Castle, in 2013.

Donate $150.00 or more and we’ll include a signed copy of Ordinary People Doing the Extraordinary, The Story of Ed and Joyce Koupal, and the Initiative Process, which Ralph Nader placed on his Top Ten Books to Read List for 2009.

Dissatisfied with Congress, politics, politicians?

Sometimes think concerned citizens could do a better job?

Think common folk ought to have a People’s Lobby to offset all those other lobbies writing legislation?

Then donate or give an hour a week to build People’s Lobby’s citizens movement that can introduce and pass America’s World Service Corps (AWSC) National Service Proposal (and then perhaps other citizen-initiatied legislation) that benefits Middle Americans.

Sign the letter  AWSC Letter to Congress

Peoples Lobby’s Education Foundation (PLEF) is a  501(c)(3), eligible for tax deductible donations. 

People’s Lobby Inc.(PLI) is a 501c4. Donations are NOT tax deductible. Donate at the below link if tax deductibility is not important to you.

Checks to People’s Lobby (PLI) and/or People’s Lobby Education Foundation (PLEF) can be sent to:  359 Jean St., Mill Valley, CA 94941

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2 thoughts on “Donate”

  1. I was a personal friend of Ed and Joyce Koupal back in the early 70s. I volunteered in the office answering phones and helping with the library and did a lot of the advertising for the environmental initiative that we were working on then. We were also suing Standard Oil and they weren’t very nice on the phone, very threatening. I think it was Proposition 15, but it’s been a long time. They were the most amazing people I have ever met. I was one of the original “Fanatic Fifty.” I still have one of the ads I did somewhere. I am now with the Green Party and live in Washington state.

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