Rubel Powerpoint

How did this junkyard become a National Monument?  Click and learn a little from this short Power Point, suggesting:

Why the country and world could use more Michaels and Junkyard Castles.

Why different art can be so healthy.

The above little slide show could be used for  bookstores, gatherings, community talks… and even in fine arts classes that enjoys smiling , :>)  etc.  View:

How did this junkyard become National Monument? 


A larger Rubel Castle slide show shown to bookstores, high school students, large audiences seeking to get down into the bowels of Rubelia, and just folks who like to chuckle at what a janitor and his friends can do with a bunch of junk can be seen by viewing this pdf: 

Every Town Needs a Castle.


A Power Point  that  revolves around artists and their  ability to  propagandize, create, inspire, nd educate to help create Rubel’s Castle is viewable at:

Rubelia’s artist colony used art to 

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