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Push Russia

How  to push Russia…

Recently National Public Radio commented that congressional candidates were debating about whether to campaign on the issues surrounding “Russia” in their upcoming elections

Why not “leapfrog” the typical Russian issues and press Russia, the U.S., and the world to do what world affairs and an angry Mother Nature is inconveniently demanding we do — dramatically expand our peaceful national service programs,  like Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Habitat, Doctors Without Borders, Head Start, Mercy Corps, Oxfam, Americans Friends Service Committee, TechnoServe, Heifer, Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, State Conservation Corps, In-Need Schools, Hospitals Therapy Wards, Homes For The Elderly, etc.?

Then challenge Russia to create their own “Russian Peace Corps.”

In front of the world, urge Russia and the US to serve together doing Joint Peace Corps projects throughout the world, especially in those parts of the world where our sabers rattle too closely to theirs. Think Russian-US peaceful cooperation unlikely?  Look at our Space Station work.

We were once close to implementing a joint U.S.-Russian Peace Corps.  Let the visionary in Congress reintroduce an updated version of visionary  Congresswoman Boxer’s HR1807 of 1989.

John Kennedy would smile on those with the vision and insight to challenge the Russians to join us in peaceful development endeavors.  In addition, it would do wonders for improving our politics, public policy IQ, and standing in the world, while avoiding trillions of warfare dollars over the decades.

This wise talk about Russia would be a smart addition to any congressional campaign.








Or this?

Peace Corps Dir. Coverdell, Kennedy, Boxer

Peace Corps Director  Coverdell on the American Soviet Peace Corps (ASPC) proposal.

Peace Corps Director Coverdell, one of several PCDs to support ASPC.
Peace Corps Director Coverdell, one of several PCDs to support ASPC.
Paul D. Coverdell Director
United States Peace Corps
1990 K Streel, N.W, Washington, D.C. 20526

 Office of the Director

November 14, 1989

Dear Dwayne:

Thank you for your recent, letter.  I enjoyed speaking with you at the Norcal Returned Peace Corps volunteers meeting in San Francisco regarding the American-Soviet Peace Corps proposal.  It is always good to hear feedback and suggestions from RPCVs. You will be pleased to know that meetings with Congresswoman Boxer and Congressman Kennedy have already been scheduled to further discuss this proposal.

Your interest in our Urban Initiative is also most appreciated.  I, too, feel Peace Corps should actively return to the cities, where Volunteers can have a significant impact on the development of these urban areas.

Again, thank you for your letter and information regarding the American-Soviet Peace Corps proposal.


Paul D. Coverdell Director

United States Peace Corps

Peace Corps Director Coverdell’s letter in pdf, November 14,1989

Boxer will introduce American Soviet Peace Corps

Draft -may delete

In 1988 Congresswoman Boxer took the American Soviet Peace Corps proposal, which started as a model program competing for a Buck Trust grant, and introduced it into Congress as HR 1807.

Click the link below to read her May 25, 1988 letter giving her reasons for doing so:


Read her September 1, 1988 “working on letter” here

Boxer says “working on” US-Soviet Peace Corps legislation

Have you asked her to do it again this year for America’s World Service Corps Congressional Proposal, giving us the army the 21st century needs?

Boxer introduces. To start in each nation.
Boxer introduces. To start in each nation.
Congress of United States
House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

May 25, 1988

Dear Mr.   Hunn:

Thank you for contacting me again about the Soviet-American Peace Corps.  I am very pleased to see that you have continued to work on raising the profile of the concept.  I am very impressed by your tireless dedication to the creation of such an organization.

I have in fact given the subject further thought, and I plan to introduce the enabling legislation. I apologize if you perceive us to be moving slowly, but I  assure you it is only a function of the legislation and concomitant workload to which we have already committed for this session, and not a lack of enthusiasm for your proposal.

Beyond the issues John Callon of my staff discussed with you regarding the necessity of an open application and admissions process, I am also of a mind that the initial program should be directed at work on projects in the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., rather than leaping fully from the start into Third World development. I believe doing it this way would simplify the initial organizational and logistical challenge, leave more room for the massaging of any problems which arise, and keep the program more directly in the public eye. This would allow public awareness and support for the program to grow. I would be interested in your reaction to this.

When I have the proposal drafted, I will send it to you and meet with Representative Kennedy to discuss it.   Your feedback before the bill is in final form will be important.

Thank you again for your excellent efforts.  I look forward to working with you further. We will get back to you in two weeks.

In friendship,


Member of Congress

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