California State Senator Carol Migden

From California State Senator Carol Migden

July 12, 2007

 Mr. Dwayne Hunn, Executive Director

Peoples Lobby, Inc.

359 Jean Street

Mill Valley, CA 94941 

 Dear Mr. Hunn:

 As your State Senator, I would like to express my support for the American World Service Corps (AWSC) Congressional Proposals initiated by citizens and the People’s Lobby.  In California and across the nation, we have many unaddressed needs that will exacerbate the challenges we will face tomorrow. 

 To address those challenges adequately, we need to involve more Americans and Californians in addressing domestic as well as international concerns. Doing so not only improves the world, it also increases our understanding of the complexities facing us at home and abroad.

 The AWSC Congressional Proposals for Americans provide an opportunity for Americans to learn about and address the growing number of problems that are lying on our doorstep.  By having a million Americans a year voluntarily work in effective governmental and non-governmental organizations, the program provides can-do Americans with the capacity and insights to produce significant improvements in each state, our nation, and the world.

 We need to inspire more California Conservation Corps members to work on many of our basic infrastructure needs in our parks and on our levees, with appropriate technology.  We need more Headstart teachers and assistants, and more Americorps volunteers to work on environmental needs. We need concerned volunteers to be rewarded with funds for education, down-payments on homes, medical savings and IRA account deposits.

 Today, Americans are increasingly aware that the political process needs more citizen involvement to offset the lopsided power of special interests.  People’s Lobby reflects the level of civic involvement that allows Americans to help create laws that benefit all of us.

 For these reasons, I strongly encourage citizens and our Congress to add the AWSC Congressional Proposals to our nation’s toolbox.  We can make a lot of progress in our world, and the AWSC involves Americans in building our capacity to fix those needs peacefully. 


 Carole Migden

Senator, 3rd District



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