Christmas 2006

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Merry Christmas 06, Happy New Year and Hanukah and the Season’s best to you all!  Especially.. if you’ve been nice…

For those of you who don’t benefit from my sister’s long and short distance phone call regimen, she continues to amaze those who have overcome similar challenges.  Thanks to a young man’s donated kidney and pancreas, Marlene’s kidney pancreas transplant moves into its eight year.  She no longer fights her diabetes with insulin.  Each day she awakens to handle her past diabetes effects by strapping on her leg and going to her kitchen table, cluttered with mail, papers, to-dos, radio, etc.  There she finds her magnifier and, with her sometimes reader, reads more than most Americans do.  In addition to completing service on the San Francisco Civil Grand Jury, attending police and homeowners meetings, she also gives me advice on whom to contact for implementing the American World Service Corps (AWSC) Congressional Proposals .  And, of course, she uses that working eye to remain ranked amongNorthern California’s top ten movie reviewers.

A couple times this year work on the American World Service Corps (AWSC) Congressional Proposals took me south to my favorite earthly bunker, my old giddy Pharm home, Rubel’s Castle.  For those who haven’t rollicked amidst the rocks, bottles, telephone poles, and oak stumped stools or visited, take a gander at or or .  What great adventures, hiding amidst the junk, the King gave us Pharmhands.   And Suburbia still lamentingly wonders how motorcycled pharmer dunderheads got this built in their pricey neighborhood.    The Castle is now used for movies, so if you know of some interested in renting its unique visuals and environment, let me know.  I’ll put you in touch with Louie and Uncle Nick.

Most importantly, the King and Queen of Rubelia, Michael and Kaia, are still lending what some suburbanites consider “certifiably institutionalizeable” knowledge to help Pharmhands keep the gates, dungeons, canons, scarecrows, witches, tunnels, crops, cemeteries, avocados, kumquats, creosote, and moats afloat.
This year has been dominated by working to revive Peoples Lobby Inc. (PLI), whose assets were riddled by some poor board decisions and a former United States Senator continuing to fail to pay back hundreds of thousands in poorly used loans.  Peoples Lobby Inc (501c4 non-profit) was founded by two giants, Edwin and Joyce Koupal, who would have dramatically improved America’s smart civic participation had Ed live longer than his mere 48 years.  This year we added a sister organization, People Lobby’s Education Foundation (PLEF), a federally approved 501c3 non-profit to help with research, education, and outreach.  For those who want to make the nation and world smarter faster, a tax-deductible donation to People Lobby’s Education Foundation (PLEF) will be well used.

Our top project this year is to build enough Congressional sponsors and involved citizens to pass and implement the American World Service Corps (AWSC) Congressional Proposals.  After that, our next project is to help Nadia McCaffrey establish, with another citizen-initiated legislative proposal if needed, veteran village retreats to more successfully deal with our vets’ posttraumatic stress disorders. Trained by PLI’s Ed and Joyce Koupal to ignore the odds and never aim small, Peoples Lobby’s American World Service Corps will dramatically improve the world, like few pieces of legislation ever have.  We could use your help in spreading the word and rebuilding PLI and PLEF.  At least, sign the petition at the web site.

In this season of peace, which exists with difficulty for those who have connections to military service or the Middle East and its repercussions, it is helpful to remember a few of Kennedy’s Inaugural words from four decades ago that  describes today’s problems:

“…where the instruments of war have far outpaced the instruments of peace…”

At Christmas, television, radio, writings, music, and even couch potatoes sing of peace.  Since the still strongest military power in the world still runs on laws, Peoples Lobby has written a law ready to deliver a gift that will build peacethroughout the world, as Jesus the Carpenter, Mohamed the Prophet, or any other truly magnificent religious leader would love to see delivered by sleigh, donkey, or some similar peaceful delivery system…

The AWSC will send the right stuff for the 21st century — American missions, not missiles.  It sends the right stuff, right service, and right size.

In the New Year, may all your emotions, ball bearings, wirings, sockets, and relationships run well… And if they cry, break, short, crack, and fall near despair, may you find the right hankie, tool, fuse, glue or most excellent repair crew.

For those of you from the wondrous round ball-chasing decades, lack of grease on a left ball bearing has slowed my round ball-chasing.  With stem cell researched stymied in recent years, I’m hoping bionic re-implantation, or at least Breach Candy initiated resurfacing, is the answer.  Ahhh, if only the body parts would always remain 25.

Wherever you reside on this little dot  ü   in space

May the New Year bring a lot of Joy to you and yours.

 If you recognize the need for implementing the American World Service Corps Congressional Proposals please spread the word, contact some of your Senate reps at

or House reps at    Thanks.

Merry Christmas…  Happy New Year & Hanukah…

Seasons Best Wishes… Salam Alakum..,

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