General Paul Monroe on American World Service Corps Proposal

General Paul Monroe statement:

 The American World Service Corps (AWSC) strengthens our nation.  It not only encourages volunteerism in support of our fellow citizens, it also demonstrates to the world community that the United States is a participating member of that community. This service, by an estimated million Americans a year, will also strengthen the moral fiber of our nation,

Today, America depends on its military for its national security.  They bear the brunt of the “Global War on Terrorism”.  We need more.  The nation building stability of the American World Service Corps will reduce the pressure on our military, by creating robust teams of volunteers that reinforce American values here and abroad. These teams will significantly contribute to world security and stability.

America stands tall and strong on the shoulders of its military. They have served in peace and war, and kept us free of totalitarian powers, by fighting and winning our nation’s wars.  They explored our frontiers, built strong families, and contributed to our country’s values. We have been blessed with these national role models by generations, who have willingly served and given up the comforts of family, home, and career to serve our country.

America has always put its best citizens forward when the nation was threatened. That time has come again, and not just for our military, for every American.  We are fast becoming a global village. We have the world’s most reliable warriors, and the best military that history has ever known.  But now, we need to augment our courageous service members with a strong team of citizens, who will stand beside our military.  The humanitarian service these teams provide is just as vital to our security and world stability, as the military has been.

We can no longer wait for the world to evolve into a safer more stable society. We must move quickly to implement the AWSC program. The more rapid we implement this program, the better America, and the world, will be able to deal with international challenges, and become a safer global community.

Email of August 8, 2006

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