Thank you. National service blossoming?

Thank you —  AWSC National Service slowly blossoming?

You are receiving this “Thank you” because, in some way, you helped People’s Lobby move its American World Service Corps National Service (AWSCNS) Congressional Proposal.  Special thanks to you if you contacted your congressional reps or set up public discussions regarding the AWSCNS.

The AWSCNS is still not introduced, but parts of it are being picked up.

My Congressional Rep, Jared Huffman, has introduced the Inspire Act. It proposes beefing up the Edward Kennedy National Service Act (aka the Serve America Act).  Introduced in 2009, the Serve America Act has never met its numerical goals, for a variety of budgetary and other reasons.  Both the Inspire Act and Serve America Act are nowhere near as robust as People’s Lobby’s American World Service Corps National Service Proposal.

All three deserve support. The AWSCNS would do the most good and has the most innovative funding proposals to cover its laudable goals, strengthen America’s character, and benefit the world.

The Marin Independent Journal’s Richard Halstead included some of my thoughts in his piece, which you can click to at this link.

Give Richard a read and pat on the back for covering peaceful national service.

A Marin IJ Voice: Creating a force for peace and understanding is here.