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Christmas letters over the years.

xmas 2021 new year 2022

May you and yours have the gift of good health and spirits. 

During the pandemics of the last two+ years my sister, Marlene, had LITTLE-zero human contact. 

covid Santa

About 4 hours of her mornings are spent putting on her leg, cleaning her commode, and dressing; another 3- 4 hours of her evenings are spent reversing the procedure.  She was going pandemic stir crazy and choose to leave the San Francisco condo where she had been blindly managing on her own.  Thanks to childhood friend Mickey Larosa and former Saint Ignatius community service volunteer Darin Michalski, she found Vista Springs in Independence, Ohio.  (

 I wish I could praise Vista Springs. 

If you are one of her friends, she would love to hear from you between noon and 5:00 PM. 

In 2019 my friend John Walsh convinced me to return to Denver with him to deal with a number of maladies (worn out left shoulder cartilage, rotator cuff tear, numb and cold fingers and toes, trembling right hand, balance problems, Parkinsonian symptoms, etc.)

This move has forced me to learn a new vocabulary that moves around the terms “levodopa and carbidopa,” which our bodies need to produce the dopamine that powers the millions of neurons that synchronically has our movements gel with our thoughts.  Understanding this new vocabulary has forced me to try to understand why the blessings of body, mind, and will that God gave me are not now working.  Phrases I wrestle with for understanding now include:

  • Bradykinesia-frozen movements, a lack of motivation, which has seldom been a problem for those raised and trained like me.
  • Neuroplasticity-the ability of the brain’s neurons to adapt and change.
  • Right hand tremors that throw off one’s balance, confidence, and ability get food to one’s mouth.
  • Low level or cold lasers that strengthen and regenerate damaged body parts, which other nations like Canada, Israel, Russia, etc. are ahead of us on.
  • Non-invasive, portable neurological stimulators (PONS), which can revive and fire up one’s neurons to work properly. 

If you or friends are interested, two excellent award winning books are: The Brain That Changes Itself and The Brain’s Way of Healing (2015) both by Norman Doidge, MD, Psychiatrist.  ( They are great New Year’s gifts.  Over the next year, I am placing a lot of hope in the non-invasive laser, neuronal electrical spikes, etc., covered in these books. These are among the therapies of the future.


“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.”

Agnes M. Pahro

Xmas 2020 & new year 2021

Merry Xmas 2020 Happy New Year 2021 

When my Sister and I were helping mom recover from her devastating stroke in the nineties, my mom’s favorite TV show was “Golden Girls.” it was mom who introduced me to the cryptic phrase, “I don’t know why   they call it ‘The Golden Years.’”

My sister has endured more health, vision, and support challenges, which usually wait to pile on until the Golden Years, than anyone I know.  Like her mom, she has faced her vision, diabetic, amputation, and blindness problems with true grit.

I hope I can measure up to mom and Marlene in battling this mysterious disease they call Parkinson’s (PD).

In 2007 my left hip was replaced.  In 2017 it broke and the recission and another artificial left hip was inserted.  It came with chromium, cobalt, and cadmium poisoning.  In that same 2017 year my right shoulder was replaced.  I sat around the house quite a bit.  In 2018 I had a professional, Liz Menkes, from Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Healthy ( ) do a microwave reading on my house.  Professionals like Menkes say EMF readings should be less than <5.  With my DECT phone plugged in the reading on my deck was 52,000 microwaves per meter.  She said, “Get out immediately.”

My microwave use, microwaving from the cell towers 100 yards from my home and microwaving cars that pass by during commute hours may or may not have contributed to Parkinson’s.  My gut, however, says that our over reliance on excessive microwaving will hang with the gang that said DDT, nicotine, lead in gasoline… was safe and clean.

I was having trouble sleeping and being my energetic self, when longtime friend John Walsh offered to take me to Denver around November 2019 with the hope that the University of Colorado Health (UCHealth) would provide some answers.   Since the 1950s Carbidopa and Levodopa pills that address PD symptoms has been our medical industries primary drug answer for degenerative PD.  

Parkinson’s disease is the 14th leading cause of death in the U.S.  Those with PD include Michael Fox, Mohammed Ali, Alan Alda, Robin Williams, Billy Graham, Charles M. Schulz, Janet Reno…

I do not think 50+ year-old pills revolving around Carbidopa and Levodopa will knock out PD symptoms or PD itself.  Nations like Israel, Russia, and Canada are far ahead in next generation answers such as neuroplasticity, low level light therapy, electro neuronal stimulation, etc.

Some of the area’s that I believe may address future fixes are discussed in these sites that I am exploring and and discussed in the excellent book by Norman Doidge titled The Brain’s Way of Healing.

May you and yours be hale and hearty in 2021 and push medical providers to find better answers for those who are not hale and hearty.

May more of the country learn to ask why, do logical research, and read more truth based writing.

May your vote politically empower those with whom you would trust your kids or grandkids sharing a snowed in cabin for a month…



“Good health to you all in the New Year.”

Are you helping Santa?

My tenacious sister continues her battle to improve the social welfare system.  Thanks to helpful friends like Spencer Smith and his wife and Dr. Budke, she sustains the energy to continue battling. 

She needs a paid helper to come by once a week to purchase food, vacuum the rug, general cleanup, address and read letters, etc.  If you know somebody, please contact my sister or me.

No gift for you…

I’ve had a medically challenging year that includes relocating to Denver.  I owe a debt of gratitude to those who have help me, which includes:

Matt and MIA, Curt and Doris, Eddie and Bobbie Sue, Peter and Tracy, Fred and orange cans , Pam, John and Bonnie, Jason, Kali, Melinda, Moby & Karen, Louise, Charley, Lynn, Todd, Gary, Pharmers… and others whom Jack Ryan wants to keep classified, including Santa.


Xmas 2018

Belated Merry Christmas 2018 and Happy New Year 2019.

Not enuff dopamine… or too many dopes hurting the brain.

My sister continues to rank as the San Francisco’s Library’s #1 reader of audio books.

Super Spencer Solar Guy and his much better-looking counterpart, Nancy Apple Gal, bring laughs to Marlene’s face with the time they share with her.

This traditionally solid turd dog has developed a case of the unbalancing shakes, often referred to as Parkinsonian symptoms.  While stumbling a bit outside of the medical box, I have been searching for the causes of the symptoms rather than merely masking them with drugs.  Consequently, I am getting an education and new vocabulary touching on such subjects as: Nutritional healing, dopamine, Carbidopa and Levodopa, homeopathy, acupuncture, kinesiology, exercise therapy, herbals, CBD, neurology, immunology, the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), etc. 

Recently, my cell tower/DECT phone/Wi-Fi/smart meter emf radiation has been up to 52 times the Extreme Level of 1,000 micro watts per square meter, or 52,000 versus the extreme level of 1,000. 

“Mama, don’t let your babies…”

So, I’ve been remembering that song that mama used to sing to me, “Don’t let your babies grow up to…  have fried brains.”

Lead, nicotine, fission power — safe for you…

The recent attack on my solidarity has taken a toll on my wood-butchering, yard work, pulling weeds, etc.…  It has also taken a toll on my efforts to build a robust American World National Service Corps that would help make America and the world strive to be better for people and the climate…  again.

If you can help spread the word, here are some links that propagandized the idea that America should be sending peaceful developmental armies rather than dreadful drones into action.  America should get the world’s nations to peacefully compete via sending missions rather than missiles.

Let’s compete in doing good rather than in doing bombast.  It is the spirit of Christmas and of New Year’s resolutions, isn’t it?

Make a resolution that helps. 

Good health to you and yours.



Friends and…   





May you and yours have good health, spirits, and memories.







Spencer “The Solar Guy” and Nancy “The Apple Biter” Smith are no ordinary Smith and Jones.  They help sister Marlene with her computer, social life, and laughs, even as laughable subjects become more difficult to find in her world.

Three days a week Marlene is supposed to get social security handicap assistants for about five plus hours a day.  In recent months, she has had a dependable aide for a total of about 5 hours for the full month, not near 66.

If this kind of assistance to those in need is about to become engrained in a grinchable public and budgetary policy, then more than just sent Santa ought to wince and drop some heavy coal pieces on some rich scrooges’ heads.  Especially at Christmas time I think of the other side of the Scrooge coin, those Cleveland and San Francisco Saint Ignatius students, who as part of their community service spent special times with mom and Marlene.

For the past 18 months, the Big Medic in the sky has been teaching me what happens when you wear down finely calibrated parts that you have long used for running, jumping, pounding, etc.

In 2007 my left hippy side had a Birmingham resurfaced hip implanted.  In 2017 it broke and in April had to be removed and replaced.  Six months later, in September, my cartilage lacking right shoulder and torn rotator cuff was replaced.  As the president would say, “Believe me…” there are many more enjoyable things to sleep with rather than a “sling.”  While this was happening, I started developing a tremor in my right hand, which may have had something to do with my blood test showing chromium and cobalt ions, from my broken first implant, leaching into my bloodstream at about 18 and 13 times normal.

Since I live in that far-out or ahead-of-the- curve state (depending on whether you vision is near or far-sighted) blessed with earthquakes and moonbeams, I have tried cures that involve using my stem cells as well as hands-on and crunching chiropractors, young and wizened-with-years acupuncturists, and have a bottle of California legal liquid marijuana waiting to be tried.

But enough Christmas commenting on aging and anatomies, instead how about reminiscing about smiling, handsome, magically muscled orphans who seldom complained about anything and about whom I often think during the Xmas season.

And how about predicting whether those UFOs, which even CBS is giving news time, will be dusting or gracing us with a military or a peace corps…  And what if they bring a different religious story to boot?  What a hootin bootcamp that’ll be!

And thanks to Claremont Graduate University for recently having me return to campus to speak in Ambassador Sallama Shaker’s class on “Camelot: JFK, humanity, empathy and the Peace Corps.”  A good Christmas title for gifts sorely missed.

And thanks to the Rubelian Pharmers for caboosing me at the National Monument called Rubelia, which Every Town Needs.

For the New Year may you ponder the teeter- tottering words of two influential persons…

“The great masses of people … will more easily fall victim to a big lie then to a little one.”

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 1925

“If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”

Mark Twain





Where Jesus would spend… 

Xmas 2016

HO, HO, HO… my dear friend!

Are you helping Santa?

Merry Christmas and may many more good elves ring in a triumphant New Year 2017 for you and yours.

My sister continues building the Northern California record for audio books checked out from the library.  When not listening to those, talk shows, or University of San Francisco lectures, she pushes to improve the training of the company that supplies her 2+/- day a week assistants.  Marlene also trains her disability assistants on the importance of attending their union meetings, which recently helped improved their wages to $13/hours on the way to $15 over the ensuing year or so.

Solar sales angel Spencer Smith and his Apple-baited wife Nancy continue taking Marlene to fund raising dinner functions of the do-good agencies they support.

Resting enuff, Santa?

Many years ago, my Kaiser Primary Care Doctor said something  like, “Tell me if I’m correct, you are planning on running as hard as you can for as long as you can till everything wears out, right?”

I laughed, and didn’t put much thought into the last part of his sentence.  I am paying more attention to sentence endings now, and may even now be serving some kind of sentence, which my mom warned me about as she kept imploring “Rest more… Take it easy… Take a nap…”  

(If you are lucky enough to have a wonderful mother, pay attention .to even her offhanded remarks.  Somehow, even those are prescient.)

Instead of having my worn shoulder and torn rotator cuff repaired with stitches, I decided abouta year back to go out on my right limb by using my buttock’s bone marrow and stem cells to try to repair my former sling-shooting right shoulder.  But…  Due to a variety of reasons, which may include my jocular induced Ignatian (“Get up and run it off, Hunn, you rainbow chaser…”) approach to health and healing, my shoulder is still defined in largely Latin and Greek derivatives in November of 2016 by some in the medical world as:

“There is superimposed interstitial signal within the conjoined fibers of the supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendon measuring 1.1 cm transverse by 1.0 cm AP suggesting greater than 50% partial thickness tear. Previously seen signal involving the distal anterior fibers of the supraspinatus tendon appears less discrete. Thickening of the subscapularis tendon compatible with tendinosis. There is interstitial tear with mild medial subluxation of the proximal fibers of the long head of biceps tendon. Teres minor tendon…”

Even Saint Ignatius High’s boot camp Latin training conducted by my favorite SI Drill Sergeant, Mr. Leonard, failed to make my aging amyloid-free, I hope, brain easily “comprendo” what is going on in the above stew of words… But, it ain’t that good, and that’s without mentioning this clean hippie’s hip.

Where’s that Elysium cure-it-all machine when you need it?

Feel free to translate into grade school English, with which I still have trouble, so I’ll know how to start slinging stuff again.

Statistically, it is likely that a little less than half of you who voted, voted for Donald Trump and that mesmerizing beauty that stalks him on the elevator.  Since President-elect Trump likes to tweet, here’s a lovely tweety-bird like Christmas gift that won’t cost you anything and will save bloodshed, expensive military dollars, and heartbreak year-round.

During Christmas and through the New Year, why not tweet 140 characters to some of President-elect’s twitter sites or those related, such as:

#Trump, #realDonaldTrump, #Russians, #trumptrain, #uniteforAmerica, #trumpwatch

Ask him and those twitter followers to use their connections with Putin to build a program that People’s Lobby influenced Congresswoman Boxer to introduce as HR 1807 in 1989.

Here are some possible 140 characterish tweets to copy, paste, adjust, and tweet to the above and other addresses of your choosing:

Nixon opens China. Trump melts Russia via  & benefits nation & world via

Serve in space why not on earth? Bring back

Open the U.S.  To National Service & Russia to Peace Corpsing with us

Why not shift military competition to the field of peaceful development & #climate care?

Tweet Trump.  Santa’s serious, tweet him.  Urge Trump to open Russia to peacedful service.  Tweet your congresspersons.  Tweet the media.  This Special Season, start helping the elves and St. Nick by helping build a band of do-gooders worldwide and turning out more reformed Scrooges and inspired Popeyes.  Thanks to George Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’ hospitality (captured my AirBaha), I spent a September week in DC with 22 Congressional staffs pushing  People’s Lobby’s robust  American World Service Corps National Service Congressional Proposal and urging them to reintroduce its US-Russian Peace Corps Proposal .

Daughter cries & survives.

With the world awash with homeless children, wars, refugees, collapsing glaciers, etc., isn’t it the right season to move the world’s two superpowers toward peaceful service and greatness?

Tired Syrian kids hoping bombs don’t fly.

Signing this reopened AWSCNS petition would also make Santa smile…

To help in other ways, click here:

Merry Christmas and may a Happy & Healthy New Year be with you.

Dwayne Hunn

Santa smiles at the triumphal thought of seeing a US-Russian Peace Corps reintroduced and gifted to the world.

Xmas 2015

santa sleighHello friend!

May you and yours have good health well beyond this Holiday Season.

Although she still mails Christmas cards, my sister now has a computer thanks to Lighthouse for the Blind.  She also has volunteer Spencer, the solar guy, who brings some levity and sunshine into her life as he reads her internet stuff, emails, and wonders about her weird friends…

She recently beat back a cancer scare, as she continues being the trooper pushing her walker and tipping the army of taxicab drivers (sorry Uber) that shuttle her to University of San Francisco lectures, medical checkups, and meetings with her friends in town.

For me, there may not be a Habitat build on this year’s list thanks to bone on bone right shoulder and a rotator cuff tear, which I always thought belonged to those Moby-ized pitchers who flung hard from the starboard..

Most of you who are reading this have been exposed to Christian traditions, especially during this Holiday Season.  You know that Jesus was raised by an adopted father, Joseph, a ”Teckton,” or builder.  Joseph was a stonemason, carpenter, or likely combination of the two.  He built stuff, likely housing, perhaps so future families would not have to be born in mangers.

Christ in the House of His Parents (‘The Carpenter’s Shop’) 1849-50 Sir John Everett Millais, Bt 1829-1896 Purchased with assistance from the Art Fund and various subscribers 1921

Christ in the House of His Parents ('The Carpenter's Shop') 1849-50 Sir John Everett Millais, Bt 1829-1896 Purchased with assistance from the Art Fund and various subscribers 1921
Christ in the House of His Parents (‘The Carpenter’s Shop’) 1849-50 Sir John Everett Millais, Bt 1829-1896 Purchased with assistance from the Art Fund and various subscribers 1921

When Jesus Christ was born about 2,000 years ago, about 300 million roamed the earth. According to the Bible, the Lord ARMED a sandal wearing gang of 12 with not only the words of brotherhood but supposedly the power to perform miracles.  They were sent out to spread peace and build things that would make life more comfortable for innocent babies and children, in the hopes that they would grow up with innocence and goodwill.

Jesus did not build an army of soldiers and drones.  He didn’t encourage the Roman Empire to expand its war making abilities.  He pushed people to do unto others as they would have done unto themselves.

Today there are about seven billion people, who, in many ways are ravaging the earth.  Shouldn’t America, the Roman Empire of its time, field an army of one million sandaled Americans to spread peace and build healthy things for the innocents?

It cost us over $1 million per active military volunteer per year to be engaged in battles, without calculating PTSD related costs.

Instead of building a new, big bureaucracy, the  AWSC Congressionnal Proposal  would send  A LOT more paid volunteers to  Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Habitat, Doctors Without Borders, Head Start, Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, Oxfam, Mercy Corps, State Conservation Corps, effective local non-profits, in-need schools, hospital therapy centers, homes for the aged, etc.     Fielding a million Americans a year under this AWSC umbrella would cost about $40,000 per year.

It’s a gift to the world that keeps giving all year long.  It cultivates compassion, raises our public policy IQ, responds  to devastations, helps refugees, wins hearts and minds, and thereby stunts terrorist recruitment.

AWSC global ask not220x289

Imagine how much different today’s world would be had we been doing such a robust NATIONAL SERVICE CORPS for 30, 40, 50 years…

One of the few times Jesus expressed anger was at the money changers in the Temple.


Under the AWSC Proposal The Forbes 400 could fund the fielding of 21,000,000 doing good, paid American volunteers for 27 years by donating 1.1% of their wealth to the cause of protecting innocents.  What would Jesus say?

Would you support such voluntary funding by America’s uber-rich?

Want to help make the AWSC Proposal become  law, spreading gifts and little miracles all year long?

Pester Congress.  Spread the word via media.  Use any of People’s Lobby’s Opeds that express something akin to your feelings and put them out in social media, forward them to Congress and candidates.  Ask candidates where they stand.

Want to fund a People’s Lobby’s (PLI) intern, who could help with spreading the word?

Prayers accepted, but we are pretty sure God, as busy as he is, is pushing us humans to do more than kneeling to deliver some good amidst the myriad of problems clanging around down here.

Neither Santa nor Jesus delivers what the world needs without a lot more of us being involved.




Pope Francis

“We are close to Christmas,” he said. “There will be lights, there will be parties, bright trees, even Nativity scenes – all decked out – while the world continues to wage war.”

“What shall remain in the wake of this war, in the midst of which we are living now?” the pontiff asked. “Ruins, thousands of children without education, so many innocent victims, and lots of money in the pockets of arms dealers.”

Christmas festivities are “all a charade. The world has not understood the way of peace. The whole world is at war.”

“War can be justified, so to speak, with many, many reasons, but when all the world as it is today, at war, piecemeal though that war may be — a little here, a little there — there is no justification.”

“God weeps,” the pope concluded, “Jesus weeps,” for those whose sole purpose on this planet is to wage war, but who cynically deny that that’s their intent.

May you and yours have peace and good health.

Gifts received:

Fr. Nelson’s boys. NorCal video “Breaking bread.” Dec. 2015

Or paste

Hiding from Mom.  “Too idealistic.”  August 2015

Or paste

Want to sign the AWSC petition? will forward a note to your Congressperson.

Christmas 2006

YOOooo!santa sleigh


Merry Christmas 06, Happy New Year and Hanukah and the Season’s best to you all!  Especially.. if you’ve been nice…

For those of you who don’t benefit from my sister’s long and short distance phone call regimen, she continues to amaze those who have overcome similar challenges.  Thanks to a young man’s donated kidney and pancreas, Marlene’s kidney pancreas transplant moves into its eight year.  She no longer fights her diabetes with insulin.  Each day she awakens to handle her past diabetes effects by strapping on her leg and going to her kitchen table, cluttered with mail, papers, to-dos, radio, etc.  There she finds her magnifier and, with her sometimes reader, reads more than most Americans do.  In addition to completing service on the San Francisco Civil Grand Jury, attending police and homeowners meetings, she also gives me advice on whom to contact for implementing the American World Service Corps (AWSC) Congressional Proposals .  And, of course, she uses that working eye to remain ranked amongNorthern California’s top ten movie reviewers.

A couple times this year work on the American World Service Corps (AWSC) Congressional Proposals took me south to my favorite earthly bunker, my old giddy Pharm home, Rubel’s Castle.  For those who haven’t rollicked amidst the rocks, bottles, telephone poles, and oak stumped stools or visited, take a gander at or or .  What great adventures, hiding amidst the junk, the King gave us Pharmhands.   And Suburbia still lamentingly wonders how motorcycled pharmer dunderheads got this built in their pricey neighborhood.    The Castle is now used for movies, so if you know of some interested in renting its unique visuals and environment, let me know.  I’ll put you in touch with Louie and Uncle Nick.

Most importantly, the King and Queen of Rubelia, Michael and Kaia, are still lending what some suburbanites consider “certifiably institutionalizeable” knowledge to help Pharmhands keep the gates, dungeons, canons, scarecrows, witches, tunnels, crops, cemeteries, avocados, kumquats, creosote, and moats afloat.
This year has been dominated by working to revive Peoples Lobby Inc. (PLI), whose assets were riddled by some poor board decisions and a former United States Senator continuing to fail to pay back hundreds of thousands in poorly used loans.  Peoples Lobby Inc (501c4 non-profit) was founded by two giants, Edwin and Joyce Koupal, who would have dramatically improved America’s smart civic participation had Ed live longer than his mere 48 years.  This year we added a sister organization, People Lobby’s Education Foundation (PLEF), a federally approved 501c3 non-profit to help with research, education, and outreach.  For those who want to make the nation and world smarter faster, a tax-deductible donation to People Lobby’s Education Foundation (PLEF) will be well used.

Our top project this year is to build enough Congressional sponsors and involved citizens to pass and implement the American World Service Corps (AWSC) Congressional Proposals.  After that, our next project is to help Nadia McCaffrey establish, with another citizen-initiated legislative proposal if needed, veteran village retreats to more successfully deal with our vets’ posttraumatic stress disorders. Trained by PLI’s Ed and Joyce Koupal to ignore the odds and never aim small, Peoples Lobby’s American World Service Corps will dramatically improve the world, like few pieces of legislation ever have.  We could use your help in spreading the word and rebuilding PLI and PLEF.  At least, sign the petition at the web site.

In this season of peace, which exists with difficulty for those who have connections to military service or the Middle East and its repercussions, it is helpful to remember a few of Kennedy’s Inaugural words from four decades ago that  describes today’s problems:

“…where the instruments of war have far outpaced the instruments of peace…”

At Christmas, television, radio, writings, music, and even couch potatoes sing of peace.  Since the still strongest military power in the world still runs on laws, Peoples Lobby has written a law ready to deliver a gift that will build peacethroughout the world, as Jesus the Carpenter, Mohamed the Prophet, or any other truly magnificent religious leader would love to see delivered by sleigh, donkey, or some similar peaceful delivery system…

The AWSC will send the right stuff for the 21st century — American missions, not missiles.  It sends the right stuff, right service, and right size.

In the New Year, may all your emotions, ball bearings, wirings, sockets, and relationships run well… And if they cry, break, short, crack, and fall near despair, may you find the right hankie, tool, fuse, glue or most excellent repair crew.

For those of you from the wondrous round ball-chasing decades, lack of grease on a left ball bearing has slowed my round ball-chasing.  With stem cell researched stymied in recent years, I’m hoping bionic re-implantation, or at least Breach Candy initiated resurfacing, is the answer.  Ahhh, if only the body parts would always remain 25.

Wherever you reside on this little dot  ü   in space

May the New Year bring a lot of Joy to you and yours.

 If you recognize the need for implementing the American World Service Corps Congressional Proposals please spread the word, contact some of your Senate reps at

or House reps at    Thanks.

Merry Christmas…  Happy New Year & Hanukah…

Seasons Best Wishes… Salam Alakum..,

Peace and Good Health to all…  old site with pics that have not had time to place here.







Xmas 2004

Christmas 2004


Dear friends, neighbors, and foes,


May the Christmas Season find you happy and the New Year add good health and prosperity.


My sister Marlene enters the sixth year of her successful kidney/pancreas transplant, which “technically” has removed her from being a juvenile onset “diabetic”.   Her leg doctors continue adjusting her prosthetic leg and her prosthetic eye makers has promised to continue making her plastic eye, even though he is leaving the field.  When she can, Marlene continues going to the YMCA, but her newest pursuit reflects her deepening interest and study of current affairs, world health, and politics.  No, she is not a candidate for office, but she has been appointed to the San Francisco Grand Jury. Look out political hacks and cronies, Marlene’s about to clean house. And yes, she did vote for the thoughtful presidential candidate, who supported stem cell research, so that fewer Christian and non-Christian children entering this world need suffer through what she has with her decades of diabetes.


For me the past year saw a culmination of events that often happen to the 100,000 + mile automobile.  In jumping that odometer hurdle many cars suffer: a rock in the windshield – I got a basketball game poke in the eye that still hasn’t healed properly; a couple flat tires – I popped a hernia as a five year old and the same spot blew out traveling the bumpy roadways of life this year; worn down shock absorber — x-rays revealed that my continued one-sided, painful and lumpy ride resulted from wearing down my cartilage suspension system cushioning my left hip.  Replacing shock absorbers gets greasy while replacing a hip is bloody, so Chicken Little me is pursuing everything from pills, yoga, and workouts to prolong or fix the hip’s drivability. 


Hoping that hope is on the way, early stem cell cartilage re-growth is encouraging.   California’s voters were perceptive enough to bond $3 billion for stem cell research (120 times the $24.8 million this administration’s 2003 human embryonic stem cell budget proposed spending on prolonging and enhancing lives).  And yes, I too voted for the candidate who supported embryonic stem cell research that would save lives, reduce suffering, and allow folks like me to practice their Christian good works rather than just mouth hollow but well-marketed , repetitious phrases about helping the world.


Due to needed repairs, I will miss a fourth consecutive Habitat Build, right when the world so much needs Americans building homes and lives, and thereby help stem the unprecedented evil will an historically epic portion of the world is casting upon America due to our myopic policies.   So, in this Christmas spirit of giving, I hope you consider filling in for me and volunteer your time and or money to Habitat.   Volunteering for Habitat is as close as you will get, in a 2-3 week stint, to being a productive Peace Corps volunteer.  And if you are a fundamental Christian, you must have read those Biblical lines in which Christ asks us to walk in the sandals of the meek, humble, and suffering, which is the dusty path some Peace Corps volunteers and Habitat builders travel.  Had we had decades of a million yearly PCVs in the field, as Kennedy wanted, we would not have anything near today proliferation of terror cells, terrorists, and America hating erupting throughout today’s world. Habitat offers a chance to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, which seems to be what too many American believe is all the world’s declining super power needs to do to fulfill its responsibility to lead the world to a more adult, healthy, smart, and responsible future.  Habitat is a chance to win hearts and minds, so that tomorrow’s American soldiers are less exposed to maiming, killing, and its costly aftermath.  You can contact Habitat at:


You can review more of my policy thoughts on Peace Corps and Habitat and Iraq at:


There are not many more Christmas gifts one can give that tops helping build a house for those in need of basic shelter.   Stemming hatred by performing works of good will and learning about the world’s true needs is what Christ and all other religious leaders I know of were all about, right?


Much of my work this year revolved around educating for the future development of the 85-acre Canalways parcel. If you are interested in the politics and headaches of land development in places like affluent Marin County, you can get plenty of information from


With political people involvement bubbling to historic levels, I had increased opportunities to become re-involved on discussions on the initiative, national initiative, and national policy issues.  Some of that work is listed at:  and my web site:


To all my Excel customers, thanks.  With increasing concentration in telecommunications, as in all our industries, Excel faces difficulties accessing today’s broad band telecommunications lines and, consequently, struggles to remain one of the leading telecommunication companies that forced down phone rates years ago.

 May you have happiness and good health through the coming year.

 “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be expected.”  (Luke 12:48)

 LaGrange. Georgia. Carter Habitat Build, 2003.

Previous pictures from Fiji and Sri Lanka.  old site